• Aang = Harry because he’s the hero and he’s brave and whatnot
  • Sokka = Ron because he is on the surface level comic relief but on a deeper level a complex character with strong attachments to his family
  • Katara = A cool combination of Ginny and Hermione because not only is she fiery and sassy…

      g → gemma artertoncelebrity alphabet, asked by quidditch-pitch

      g → gemma arterton
celebrity alphabet, asked by quidditch-pitch

      e → evanna lynch.celebrity alphabet, asked by anonymous

      e → evanna lynch.
celebrity alphabet, asked by anonymous

Carina: We’re going to play a game.
Trevino: Aww shit.
Carina: True or False? The sky is blue.
Trevino: True.
Carina: Water’s wet.
Trevino: True.
Carina: Tyler and Caroline make out in the season premiere.
Trevino: *Laughs*

Harry Potter: Why are you here, all of you?Lily Potter: We never left.

Harry Potter: Why are you here, all of you?
Lily Potter: We never left.